Newsletters - March 2010

March 29, 2010


Kamal Nath, MP and Indian Union Minister for Transport led an armed mob that attacked and demolished Gurudwara Rakab Ganj, in Delhi burning several Sikhs alive in November 1984. According to attorney Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, legal advisor for Sikhs for Justice, a US based human rights advocacy group, Minister Kamal Nath will be visiting US in April 2010, and is a keynote speaker at various public gatherings sponsored by US India Business Council Attorney Pannun stated that U.S. Immigration and Nationality Law which governs the entry of foreign nationals to the U.S. prohibits issuance of Visa and admission to U.S. of individuals with known history of human rights violations like Kamal Nath. Sikhs for Justice with the support of various Gurdawaras and human rights organizations will file an official protest with Secretary U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Attorney General and U.S. Department of Homeland Security and will lobby to cancel Kamal Nath's visa to USA and to ban his entry for being human rights violator and killer of Sikhs. Demand to oust and ban Kamal Nath's entry into US is covered under the US Law and is not unique.

In the past Narendra Modi, sitting Chief Minister of Indian state of Gujarat who was involved in the killing of thousands of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 was twice refused visa and entry into U.S." United States of America, its government, legislature and its people are very sensitive to the issue of human rights abuses and genocide. U.S. Congress has enacted laws that prevent the admission, entry and issuance of US Visa to the individuals who have in any way participated, incited or committed human rights violation or genocide. Section 212(a)(3)(E)(ii) of the Immigration and Nationality Act categorically provides that "any alien who ordered, incited, assisted, or otherwise participated in conduct outside the United States that would, if committed in the United States or by a United States national, be genocide as defined in section 1091(a) of the Title 18 of the US Code is inadmissible". With the existence of such clear laws, it will be heartbreaking and disappointing if Kamal Nath one of the lead culprits named in the judicial inquiry report of Nanavati Commission is allowed to enter and visit the United States. As Americans and Sikhs it is our duty to raise voice on this issue and bring it to the attention of our elected representatives and the international community.

For this purpose, Sikhs For Justice with the support of Gurudwara Management Committees of the United States will hold "Justice Rally" against Kamal Nath's visit as per the following schedule:

04-06-2010 12:00 - 2:00 pm Mayer Brown LLP, 1675 Broadway NY, NY

04-06-2010 6:30 pm Consulate General of India, 3 East 64th Street, NY, NY 10065

04-08-2010 8:10 - 8:40 am McGraw Hill Auditorium, 1221 Avenue of the Americas, NY, NY


March 29, 2010


On behalf of Sikhs for Justice, Advocate Rebacca M John, in the case of victim Lakhwinder Kaur, told ACMM Rakesh Pandit that CBI has failed once again; whatever they did, it was only to shield the accused. She further told the court that instead of protecting the witnesses, CBI started with the premise that they were not reliable. She submitted that the probe agency did not make any determined effort to examine Tytler nor did it record his statement or put him through lie-detection test when it was directed to "further investigate" the matter by the court in December, 2008.

The arguments by CBI remained inconclusive and are likely to resume on April 1, 2010. Attorney Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, legal advisor Sikhs For Justice stated that CBI from the very beginning has been acting dubiously in investigating and prosecuting Jagdish Tytler who was seen by many individuals leading and inciting the killings of Sikhs in November 1984 and against whom Nanavati Commission found credible evidence of involvement in the killings of Sikhs and recommended the filing of charges. He further stated that in the case against Tytler, CBI seemed to be hell-bent on giving him a clean chit since 2007 when it clandestinely tried to close the case against Tytler by filing a report stating that key witness Jasbir Singh is unavailable to testify, a report which was rejected by the court after witness Jasbir Singh openly protested in the media through Sikhs for Justice and repeated his willingness to testify against Tytler. He further stated that if CBI would have been serious in actually investigating the role of Jagdish Tytler, it would have looked for witnesses and more witnesses instead of looking for reasons to discredit and discourage them.

According to Attorney Pannun the CBI's disinterest in prosecuting is established by the fact that while its team was in USA in December 2008 to record the statements of Surinder Singh and Jasbir Singh, witness Resham Singh came forward and offered to give statement to CBI but despite repeated requests to SP Ratn Sanjay, CBI team left USA without recording the statement of Resham Singh and refused to even respond to inquiries related to that. Attorney Pannun pointed out that the grounds for closure as given in the CBI report are unnecessary and unbelievable. For example, one reason CBI relied on is that Jagdish Tytler did not own Ambassador Car in November 1984 and thus the witnesses' testimony that he saw Tytler getting off an ambassador car is not reliable. According to the CBI's analysis, Mr. Tytler could ride to the crime in an ambassador car owned by himself only. The flaw and weakness of the CBI's reasoning needs no further comments. He further stated that to discredit late Surinder Singh, a witness against Tytler who died in mysterious circumstances in July 2009 in the hospital while openly expressing fear to his life and requesting protection, CBI relied on the statement of Surinder's son who was barely a toddler in November 1984.

Surinder Singh's sworn and written statement to CBI clearly names two witnesses Alam Singh and Chain Singh who were also present their with Surinder Singh but CBI failed to record their statements despite of repeated requests. Its closure report does not even mention Alam Singh and Chain Singh. Karnail Singh Peermohammad, President AISSF claimed that although many witnesses like Gurcharan Singh and Surinder Singh, have passed away while waiting for the Government to investigate the killings of Sikhs, many more are still alive and willing to testify as to Tytler's involvement. Witness Resham Singh is ready to testify against Jagdish Tytler. He saw Tytler outside Gurdwara Pul Bangash.

Resham Singh's account corroborates late Surinder Singh's statement. Peermohammed stated that it is unfortunate that even after 25 years, Jagdish Tytler who was actually witnessed by journalists and others storming and yelling at the Police Officer to secure the release of his goons in November 1984 is still scot free and being protected by CBI. Peermohammed cited reference to Annexure IV point 6 of "Who are the guilty", the first ever investigative report prepared in 1984 by People's Union of Civil Liberties & People's Union of Democratic Rights which gives details of the incident about Jagdish Tytler's efforts to get his henchmen released from police custody.

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March 27, 2010


Co-accused of Congress leader Sajjan Kumar, Khushal Singh today filed an application before the Special CBI Judge P S Teji to transfer the matter to a judge having territorial jurisdiction. The CBI counsel opposed the plea stating that no prejudice is caused to the accused and this is the only designated court of the CBI. The Judge has reserved the order on the application.

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MARCH 26, 2010


Kamal Nath met by Hundreds of Protestors in Ottawa Canada’s Sikh community gathered in hundreds at Parliament Hill to protest Kamal Nath, the Indian Minister of Road Transport and Highways, who led a mob attack against a Sikh Gurdwara where two Sikhs were burned alive following the assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984.

Sikhs For Justice, Ontario Gurudwara Committee, Ontario Gurudwara and Sikh Council, United Front of Sikhs and Management Committees of Montreal Gurudwaras Lasalle, DDO, Pac Extension and the Canadian Sikh community were greeted warmly by several Canadian members of parliament, who chose not to attend the reception for Kamal Nath.

MPs Sukh Dhaliwal (Newton-North Delta), Jack Harris (St. John’s East), Peter Julian (Burnaby-New Westminster), Andrew Kania (Brampton West) and Robert Oliphant (Don Valley West) joined the protest and expressed solidarity opposing the reception arranged by the India High Commission.

As the Co-Chair of the Canada-India Friendship Group of MPs, Oliphant said he chose not to participate once he learned about the questionable character of Kamal Nath and the allegations being brought against him.

Andrew Kania, MP (Brampton West) “We need an immediate explanation over the Conservative government's recent actions concerning Kamal Nath and Mustafa Barghouti. Why the difference in treatment between the three foreign Members of Parliament: Kamal Nath was the only one that the Conservative government decided to help?"

Jack Harris, MP (St. John’s East) “Out of respect for the Canadian Sikh community, I could not in good conscious attend any events featuring Kamal Nath. Indo-Canadians from all across the country have felt let down by their government for allowing a man into the country who allegedly organized anti-Sikh pogroms.”

Gurpatwant S. Pannun, Attorney and Legal Advisor, Sikhs For Justice “The story does not end here for Kamal Nath or for the perpetrators of what was in a Sikh Genocide. The innocent will not be forgotten and we will fight for those who lost loved ones at the hands of brutal killers. Our legal efforts to prevent future visits by men like Kamal Nath will also continue. We will work hard with our friends in Parliament to ensure there is a law that is administered in the same manner to keep violators of human rights out of Canada.”

Amarjit Singh Mann Ontario Gurudwara Committee “We will never forget what happened in November 1984 and we will never let Kamal Nath push it from his mind. The Sikh community has found its voice across all generations. Young and old, together we will keep our stories alive and cause moving forward in the pursuit of killers who must be brought to justice.”

Sukh Dhaliwal, MP (Newton-North Delta) “I am deeply concerned regarding the presence of a human rights violator in Canada and I will to raise my voice to create awareness among fellow parliamentarians.”

Sukhminder S. Hansra, Editor of Punjabi Daily newspaper in Mississauga “Our rally for justice was an overwhelming success in Ottawa and Toronto. By peaceful means we reached Canadians with our story. Politicians, business leaders, the public and the press now know a little more about the Sikh Genocide that happened in November 1984. We’ve also sent a clear message that violators of human rights are not welcome in Canada and we will not rest until the killers are behind bars.”


MARCH 24, 2010


A peaceful protest was coordinated yesterday by Sikhs for Justice on the visit of Indian Union Minister Kamal Nath outside King Edward Hotel, Toronto, Canada. Several hundreds of Sikhs participated the protest chanting "We will not forgot", "Justice, justice, we want Justice" and "Go Back Kamal Nath". The protestors accused the Conservative government of hypocrisy for allowing Kamal Nath into Canada.

Kamal Nath was invited to speak by the Canada-India Business Council in Toronto yesterday.

Attorney Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, legal advisor of Sikhs for Justice:

Kamal Nath has violated human rights and "should be excluded" from Canada. It is a widely known fact that Kamal Nath, Member Parliament and Union Minister of India participated and organized killings of innocent Sikhs on the streets of Indian capital Delhi in November, 1984 in which more than 3000 Sikhs were reported dead. Evidence regarding Kamal Nath's involvement includes testimony of a reputable journalist, testimony of Mukhtiar Singh and other employees of attacked Gurdawara, who saw Kamal Nath leading an armed mob that attacked and demolished Gurudwara in Rakab Ganj, Delhi. In that particular incident alone, several Sikhs were burnt alive by the mob led by Kamal Nath. Reputed journalists reporting the November 1984 carnage and human rights organizations who conducted the inquiries found clear and overwhelming evidence of Kamal Nath's involvement.

Despite of all that, Canadian government has allowed him to enter the country and Canadian Parliamentarians who take oath under the Canadian constitution to uphold human rights and who claim to believe in uplifting of human rights have shamelessly been planning to shake hands with Kamal Nath during his visit to Canada. Such disregard exposes the hypocrisy of all those who are welcoming Kamal Nath and shakes the confidence of Sikhs in Canadian parliament's commitment to human rights. Canadian government is following a double standard, they should apply the law.

New Democrat Leader Jack Layton:

He stated that a "divisive and controversial" politician had been invited to Canada and urged caucus members to boycott Nath events. He further stated that the voices of a great many Indo-Canadians from all across the country have been very clear; they are especially hurt by the presence in Canada of a man who allegedly organized Sikh massacre.

Liberal MP Andrew Kania, Brampton West:

He wrote to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney demanding an "immediate explanation" for allowing Nath in while scuttling a visit by Palestinian MP and peace activist Mustafa Barghouti and Galloway. He stated that why the difference in treatment between the three foreign Members of Parliament.

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MARCH 10, 2010


ACMM Lokesh Kumar Sharma today granted bail to Congress Leader Sajjan Kumar and nine accused for their involvement in November 1984 massacre of Sikhs. All the accused furnished a personal and surety bond of Rs 50,000 each.

Senior advocate HS Phoolka said: "We will move the Supreme Court against the high court order at the earliest. This is miscarriage of justice."

Expressing anguishes on the bail, Babu Singh Dukhiya, cordinator of November 1984 Sikh Katelyam Committee, Delhi which is working in coordination with Sikhs for Justice and All India Sikh Student Federation said that there is no hope of justice left. He further stated that when the high court has granted Sajjan Kumar bail then there was no question of the trial court of not giving him bail; our all hopes are shattered now.

Attorney Gurpatwant S Pannun stated that it is very unfortunate that inspite of admitting the fact that the charges against Sajjan Kumar is of extremely grave nature, Delhi High Court granted bail to them.

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