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June 28, 2010

Hon'ble Stephen Harper,

Prime Minister of Canada


Hon'ble Prime Minister:

The Sikh story in Canada is complicated, but we certainly appreciate your efforts to understand it and the recent gestures you've made on behalf of the Canadian government with respect to the Air India tragedy. Terrorism and violence of any kind has no place in a democratic and just society. Instead, we must always pursue peaceful means for justice, which is why Sikhs for Justice is appealing for your help. The majority of Canadian Sikhs are still hurting because of the Indian government's failure to bring to justice the perpetrators of the 1984 Sikh Genocide. Over 3,000 innocent Sikhs were murdered by organized mobs following Indira Gandhi's assassination by her Sikh bodyguards.

Many Sikhs died on Air India Flight #182... and our community grieves for the loss of over three hundred innocents on board. Over ten times the number of victims died in November 1984 and we grieve equally for them because the brutal way they were murdered still haunts the families who fled to Canada. And now, many are blacklisted from returning to India because they support our justice campaign. As a community, we feel estranged from India because justice has been denied.

We are hurt further when Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh comes to Canada for the G20 and brands us as "separatists" and "militants". To be a Sikh in Canada does not mean you are a radical or a terrorist. According to P.M. Singh "there are elements in Canada who try to keep this issue alive for their own purposes. In many cases, such elements have links to or are themselves wedded to terrorism."

Sikhs for Justice is a human rights advocacy group committed to raising international awareness for the 1984 Sikh Genocide and bringing the criminals behind the crime to justice. Under P.M. Singh, the Indian government continues to shield Congress (I) leader Jagdish Tytler and another perpetrator, Kamal Nath, a member of his Cabinet. Both Tytler and Nath have been found to have hand in organizing the killings of Sikhs by the Nanavati Commission. From P.M. Singh's statement, it appears that he wishes Canada to suppress our justice awareness campaign. Mr. Prime Minister this is where we call upon you to help in the reconciliation and healing process. We ask you to contact P.M. Singh to call for more dialogue on this matter and an independent investigation into the crimes. If the Canadian government can attempt to right the wrongs of the Air India tragedy, then surely you can help us call upon the Indian government to do the same. We demand an apology and real justice.

Sincerely yours,

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun                                         Jitender Singh Grewal

Attorney at Law                                                       Director (Canada)     

Legal Advisor, Sikhs for Justice

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June 27, 2010

Honorable Member of Provincial Parliament

Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Ontario, Canada



Hon'ble Member of Provincial Parliament:

You must be aware of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's statement of June 26 labeling Canadian Sikhs as "separatists" and "militants". PM Singh's recent statement is sequel of the organized campaign launched by the Indian Government to defame and demoralize Canadian Sikhs. Canadian Sikhs are being targeted by the Indian government because of their support to the victims of 1984 Sikh Genocide and their support for justice awareness campaign. The efforts of Canadian Sikhs have brought the issue of Sikh Genocide to such limelight that it has been presented to the Canadian Parliament as a petition.

As Member of Canadian Provincial Parliament you are duty bound to represent your constituents before anyone else and convey and carry their message anywhere you go while you enjoy the privileges of being an MPP. We are bringing this to your notice because you are going to attend the breakfast event hosted by PM Singh in the honor of Canadian MPs and MPPs of Indian descent.

As elected representatives of Canadians you should take this opportunity to raise the issue of Sikh Genocide and Indian Government's lack of action, with PM Singh and to convey him the demands and concerns of Canadian Sikhs, which are: India should stop character assassination of Canadian Sikhs. India should seriously address the concerns of Canadians regarding human rights abuses in India. India should allow entry to Canadian citizens of Indian descent, who are being denied entry due to their support to victims of Sikh Genocide. India should look into the activities of its officials stationed in Canada who feed the Indian Government with misleading information regarding Canadian Sikhs. Canadian Sikhs have also written directly to Prime Minister Singh asking for a meeting during his visit to Canada but Indian government acted with its typical arrogance and indifference and did not even respond to the request for a meeting. We your constituents expect that you will represent our wishes and sentiments during meeting with the PM Singh and rest assured, we will certainly contact you after the event to find out about the PM Singh's response on this issue.

Sincerely yours,

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun                                                         Jitender Singh Grewal Attorney at Law                                                                       Director (Canada)

Legal Advisor, Sikhs for Justice

T: 647.969.2025, 718.938.7801                                              T: 416.825.5756

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June 25, 2010


Jasbir Singh, a victim of November 1984 Sikh Genocide has announced that he did not intend to self-immolate during G8/G20 summit in Toronto, instead his aim was to invite the world's attention to the plight of victims of November 1984 Sikh Genocide. Thousands of innocent Sikhs were massacred in November 1984 and till to-date Indian Government has failed to prosecute any organizer of the killings. Jasbir Singh himself lost more than 20 members of his family in that massacre.

Jasbir Singh saw Jagdish Tytler leading mobs that killed Sikhs. He is prime witness against Tytler who was given a clean chit in April 2010. Jagdish Tytler is leader of Congress (I) and was a Member of Indian Parliament in 1984 and up until recently. Victims of 1984 Sikh Genocide are knocking every door to have their plea for justice heard. Recently, victims wrote a letter to Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, asking for an in person meeting during his visit to Canada for G20 Summit.

According to Sikhs for Justice, victims were hopeful that PM Singh will entertain their request for meeting and victims will be able to vindicate their concerns with PM Singh. However, PM Singh as of now has not responded to the request of the victims. Although private individuals in Canada and India has indicated that they could set up a meeting of the victims with PM Singh but on official level the victims still face a stone wall. Sikhs for Justice believes that Indian Government's indifference to the plight of Sikh Genocide is the cause of disappointment among the victims, their families and their supporters. Sikhs for Justice have also written to the Prime Minister Stephen Harper requesting him to use his meeting with PM Singh to bring up the issue of 1984 Sikh Genocide.


June 18, 2010






June 17, 2010 Toronto (Canada)

Sikhs for Justice on behalf of victims of 1984 Sikh Genocide has written an open letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh requesting an in person meeting with him while he will be in Canada for G8/G-20 summit to reiterate the Sikh community’s adherence and commitment to non-violence and democratic norms.

While the Sikh community has raised concerns and at times criticized the Indian government on the issues related to delay in prosecuting the human rights abusers and imparting justice to victims of November 1984, it nevertheless has categorically, unconditionally and unequivocally denounced and condemned violence and militancy by any individuals, groups or state.

Jasbir Singh one of the main witnesses against Congress (I) leader Jagdish Tytler for his role in 1984 killings, along with Mohinder Singh and Sarwan Singh Bhatia both of whom lost many immediate family member during November 1984 killings, urged for an in person meeting through Sikhs For Justice, in a letter sent to PM Manmhoan Singh through Indian High Commission in Ottawa and to Prime Minister’s Secretariat in New Delhi.

The victims are represented by Sikhs for Justice a human rights advocacy which is striving to spread awareness about the 1984 Genocide in which thousands of Sikhs were killed across India. According to Jasbir Singh, “all we have done is to raise voice over continued denial of justice to victims of November 1984 with the help of Sikhs for Justice and Sikh community in US and Canada” and in return through an organized and systematic campaign by the Indian officials, the prime minister has been given an impression that “campaign for justice” by the victims of November 1984 is a separatist movement.

According to Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, legal advisor to Sikhs for Justice, there is an organized campaign being run by the Indian officials to paint the Sikh community of Canada and USA as “separatists” the purpose of which is actually to defame and demoralize the Sikh community of Canada and US for their patronage of Justice Campaign for 1984 Sikh Genocide. Such an anti-justice and anti-people role by Indian bureaucracy is not a new phenomenon.

In 1985, it was Indian ambassador to Washington Nani Palkhivala, who single-handedly helped the Union Carbide subvert justice for Bhopal Tragedy by filing a damaging affidavit in the District court of Southern District of New York. Nani Palkhivala statement caused the perpetrators to evade justice and ultimately led to dismissal of case.

The victims and survivors of Bhopal tragedy paid a heavy price as they were denied justice for another 25 years. Similarly again it’s the Indian bureaucracy, specially abroad, that is causing hurdle in the way of justice for November 1984 victims by feeding false, baseless and misleading information to the Prime Minister and Indian Government back home. Attorney Pannun stated that Sikhs for Justice will take opportunity of G8/G-20 summit in Toronto to launch campaign to spread awareness on the issue of Sikhs Genocide among the leaders of G-8/G-20 countries.

Victims of Sikhs Genocide have already planned to meet with high commissions in Canada of G20 member countries to apprise them about the facts of Sikh Genocide and continued denial of justice to victims of November 1984. The member countries will be requested to take up the issue of denial of justice to the victims of 1984 Sikh genocide with the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. “Most of the G-20 countries are member and signatory to the UN convention on Prevention and Punishment for the Crime of Genocide which requires its members as per Article 1 not only to recognize but also act to prevent and punish the guilty of the crime of genocide”, added attorney Pannun.

Attorney Pannun further stated G-20 member countries will also be requested to use their influence and ties to impress upon India to grant access to International Human rights groups and organizations into India especially the State of Punjab in which thousands of Sikhs have been systematically and deliberately killed because of their religious beliefs.

ISSUED BY: Gurpatwant S Pannun

Attorney at Law

Legal Advisor – Sikhs For Justice


Mobile: 718-938-7801


 June 14, 2010


A Petition requesting Canadian Parliament to recognize the massacre of Sikhs in November 1984 and to recognize the said massacre as "GENOCIDE" as defined in Article 2 of U.N. Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide was successfully presented in Parliament of Canada on June 10, 2010, a day after the petition was blocked by conservative government.

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, Legal Advisor of Sikhs for Justice stated that it is just a starting point and we will continue to work on the international platform and present November 1984 Sikh Massacre case before United Nations, US Congress and European Union. He stated that we will present evidence to the international community showing that the massacre of Sikhs in November 1984 was Genocide and will disseminate correct information and data related to the same. He further stated that we cannot be silenced on this issue when nobody has faced justice. Canada and the western world have a legal and moral obligation towards those Sikhs who fell victims to such a massacre.

He further stated that, if the Canadian government denies their request for a hearing or if the government's response to the petition is not adequate, Canadian Sikhs will work to present a "motion" to have the November 1984 killing of Sikhs recognized as genocide.

On June 9, 2010, A commemorative ceremony took place on the front lawn of parliament which was attended by more than thousand members of Sikh community, and where many Members of Parliament voiced their support, including: Andrew Kania, Sukh Dhaliwal, Bob Rae (Toronto Centre), Rob Oliphant (Don Valley West), Bonnie Crombie (Mississauga South), Kirsty Duncan (Etobicoke North), Dan McTeague (Pickering-Scarborough East), Mark Holland (Ajax Pickering) and Jean Dorion (Longueuil -Pierre Boucher). NDP leader Jack Layton has also voiced his support in an earlier statement.

Newspaper Coverage:


June 10, 2010


- Accounts of 1984 Sikh Genocide Presented in Parliament -

After being blocked by the Conservative government yesterday, Canadian Sikhs were able to introduce a petition asking Canada to recognize the November 1984 killing of Sikhs as "Genocide" as defined in Article 2 of the UN Convention on prevention and punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

"We cannot be silenced on this issue when nobody has faced justice," said Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, a legal advisor for Sikhs for Justice. "Canada and the western world have a legal and moral obligation towards those Sikhs who fell victims to such a massacre. The present Indian government led by Mr. Manmohan Singh, who himself is a Sikh, must address the campaign for justice, in order to ease the sense of mass grief that is abundantly prevalent in the Sikh community.

"International and Canadian law is very clear on the issue of genocide and those choosing not to call it genocide have not explained the difference between the definition and the events of November 1984." As per the parliamentary rules of procedure, the petition (with 10,000+ names) has been referred to Foreign Affairs Committee for its response which is due in 45 days. In the meantime, Sikhs of Justice will write to the Foreign Affairs Committee requesting a hearing before the committee to present evidence, documents and witnesses related to the November 1984 Sikh Genocide.

Some witnesses are Canadian citizens who saw the killing of their family members in November 1984. Pannun further stated that, if the Canadian government denies their request for a hearing or if the government's response to the petition is not adequate, Canadian Sikhs will work to present a "motion" to have the November 1984 killing of Sikhs recognized as genocide. Liberal MPs Andrew Kania (Brampton West) and Sukh Dhaliwal (Newton-North Delta) presented the petition in the House on behalf of their constituents.

"What happened to Sikhs in India in November 1984 is genocide," explained Dhaliwal. "I urge the Canadian government to take action by raising this matter with the Indian government."

Yesterday, a commemorative ceremony took place on the front lawn of parliament where many Members of Parliament voiced their support, including: Kania, Dhaliwal, Bob Rae (Toronto Centre), Rob Oliphant (Don Valley West), Bonnie Crombie (Mississauga South), Kirsty Duncan (Etobicoke North), Dan McTeague (Pickering-Scarborough East), Mark Holland (Ajax Pickering) and Jean Dorion (Longueuil -Pierre Boucher). NDP leader also voiced his support in an earlier statement. ---------------------

 June 10, 2010


My uncle S. H.S. Oberai and his 8 year old son was brutally burnt alive because they belong to one ethnic group called Sikhs in the capital of India under the eyes of Federal government of India. Their house got burnt and His wife my aunt is living a life of hell with their 2 sons and one daughter (Alive by luck).

My family was hiding for 7 day in fear and felt humiliated. I appeal you to open your eyes and understand the facts and obey United Nations Genocide Convention: I urge you to

Read this article for more awareness:

Michael Ignatieff Says Systemic and Organized Killings of Sikhs, Rape of Women in 1984 in New Delhi is Not Genocide!

Shame on You Michael Ignatieff By Satnam Singh Sangra - June 6, 2010 Shame on you Michael Ignatieff. Mr. Ignatieff, I am very upset by your irresponsible statement in response to the motion being presented in the Canadian Parliament on the 1984 genocide of the Sikhs in India. You stated: "The circumstances of 1984 were undoubtedly tragic; many innocent people died violently in a highly-charged atmosphere of religious tensions..."

Mr. Ignatieff, can you explain what kind of religious tensions existed between the Sikh and Hindu communities of New Delhi before or after the assassination of Indira Gandhi? For your information these two communities were coexisting in relative peace in Delhi since 1947. There were no religious tensions. In fact it was not uncommon for Hindus to pay visits to the prominent Sikh temples in Delhi and for Sikhs to attend functions in the Hindu temples. Due to the cordial relations between Hindus and Sikhs the pogroms beginning the nights of October 31st 1984 caught the Sikhs of New Delhi completely off guard.

Your lame explanation of the pogroms of 1984 being due to religious tensions is completely unfounded and untrue. Don`t you think that if there were tensions that the Sikhs of Delhi would have had an idea of what fate had in store for them from starting from October 1st, 1984? You need to explain to the Canadian public the sources from which you obtained the information or evidence that lead you to conclude that the targeted and systematic killing of innocent Sikhs in New Delhi between October 31st 1984 and November 3 1984 were due to religious tensions. By blaming the targeted and systematic killing of Sikhs in New Delhi in 1984 on religious tensions you are guilty of hiding the truth of genocide from the Canadian public. You further state: "...describing these events as genocide is not accurate or appropriate, particularly in view of genuine contemporary instances such as Rwanda" Mr. Ignatieff can you offer the Canadian public an explanation as to why the systematic and organized killing of Sikhs, rape of their womanhood and the destruction of their property is not an accurate or appropriate portrayal of genocide? Are you even aware of the legal definition of genocide as defined by the United Nations Genocide Convention?

According to the United Nations Genocide Convention, genocide is defined as "any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: (a) Killing members of the group; (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group."

Mr. Ignatieff, between October 31st 1984 and November 3rd 1984 the killing of members of one group - the Sikh community - continued unabated. The heinous acts of violence by organized mobs included the gang rape of women of all ages, severe beatings with chains, men being burnt alive with tires placed around their necks and the destruction of property of Sikh families.

The mental harm and pain inflicted on those who were forced to helplessly watch cannot even be imagined. According to eye witness accounts these mobs were lead by elected members of the Indian parliament. Over 50,000 Sikhs were displaced and made refugees avoiding persecution in their own country.

Further to this Sikh owned businesses, homes and Sikh temples were burnt to the ground in an organized and calculated attempt to bring about the physical and emotional destruction of the Sikh community. Mr. Ignatieff are you aware of the role of the Indian state in all this? The Police: According to eye witness accounts the uniform pattern of behavior of the Delhi police was characteristic of state sponsored genocide.

The police behavior was marked by: 1. Complete absence from the place(s) where the genocide was occurring 2. If they were present they were acting as bystanders observing the organized and systematic killing of Sikhs, infliction of severe bodily and mental harm to Sikhs and the destruction of Sikh businesses, places of worship and their homes 3. Direct involvement/abetting the brutal violence against the Sikhs The Administration: Warnings from several VIP's and opposition leaders in the Indian government started coming in to the Administration on the evening of October 31st.

The administration completely failed in calling in the army to control the deteriorating situation. In fact, the killing mobs were allowed to flourish and swell in numbers until November 2nd. It is evident that the government administration was complicit in the systematic and organized killing of the Sikhs in New Delhi. By not taking action they allowed the mobs to inflict utmost violence upon innocent Sikh families. Rajiv Gandhi the Prime Minister of India stated that "...when a mighty tree falls, it's only but natural that the earth around it does shake a little."

Really? Killings, rape, destruction of property, orphaning children, destroying religious places - is this really just a little shake? The 15th Sikh Light Infantry consisting of 1600 soldiers and officers were in Delhi during the evening of October 31st, 1984. The military was given official orders and confined to their barracks just as the genocide was escalating.

They were confined there throughout the duration of the organized murder of the Sikhs in New Delhi. If this is not state sponsored genocide then what would you call it Mr. Ignatieff? Let's call a spade a spade - this is genocide and you, Mr. Ignatieff seem to be ignoring this fact. By denying that genocide took place, what special interests are you intending to serve Mr. Ignatieff? Are there any interest groups that have influenced your stance? Is there a hidden agenda? By clearing the Indian government of being complicit in Genocide what messages have you sent to Canadians who treasure the value of government accountability and its responsibility to protect its citizens? The Politicians: Mr. Ignatieff, I need not say much more than the fact that at least 16 politicians were identified by survivors to have instigated the violence. They also protected the criminals involved in the genocide of the Sikhs in Delhi in November, 1984.

Mr. Ignatieff, you elude to the fact that this is not a "genuine" genocide. What is your definition of genocide? Would you have liked to see tens of thousands more Sikhs murdered on the streets of Delhi? Would you have liked to see thousands more Sikh women raped? Would it be a genuine genocide if thousands more Sikh businesses were looted and burnt contributing to the physical destruction of the Sikhs? Or would the tragic events of 1984 have been a genuine genocide if thousands more Sikhs were burnt alive with tires around their necks? Mr. Ignatieff by stating that the events of Delhi were not genocide are you not complicit in covering up the mass killings of the Sikhs? Are you not indirectly supporting individuals who are guilty of crimes against humanity? By stating that the events of Delhi in 1984 were not genocide are you not protecting the Indian state and politicians guilty of crimes against humanity from being tried in the International Court of Justice?

Mr. Ignatieff I am at a complete loss to understand what you mean when you say that the petition to be presented in parliament this month calling the events of 1984 a genocide will "...not bring Canadians closer to mutual understanding and closure in regard to these tragic events." Supporting the November 1984 genocide petition will not "...tear the threads of mutual respect and common citizenship we share as Canadians" as you seem to believe.

Mr. Ignatieff you are out of touch with reality. Addressing past injustices and holding perpetrators responsible for their crimes against humanity are matters that bring us closer together as Canadians. If your idea of closure and mutual understanding is to support perpetrators of crimes against humanity and help them to live with impunity, you are not in tune with Canadians and our values.

I am ashamed that you are the official leader of the opposition of Canada; a country that prides itself on being a leader in human rights protection around the world. Mr. Ignatieff, turning a blind eye to the reality of what happened in New Delhi in 1984 for - what seems like - petty political gains characterizes you as nothing more than a weak, selfish and arrogant leader. Looking forward for your comments on Brutal rape, torture and killing of 10,000 Sikhs in the capital of India for 3 day and state was stand still watching or instigating the genocide.


Mahendrapal Oberai Liberal