In this age of media and informatics, where the societies and governments are inundated with all type of information and statistics, where sometimes, the under privileged, left out and minorities have to look towards and depend upon oppressor themselves for the very fundamental questions such as their existence and identity, their right to practice faith, their desire to promote their culture, their craving to preserve their language, it becomes yet more compelling to create organizations, associations, support groups and advocacy projects which work as platform and mouth piece for such displaced, under privileged, facing distortion and eradication and ours is going to one of such organizations to raise voice for the rights and plights of Sikhs in India.

Prudence indeed will dictate that public and governments should not be profoundly engaged in listening to one people or community’s light and transient concerns; and accordingly all experience has shown that mankind and its genuine problems are more prone to be neglected when the Governments and publics and entangled in light and transient concerns. BUT when a long train of abuses, usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to eradicate one people in terms of their cultural, social, political and religious identity, it is their right, it is their duty and it is their responsibility to Bring About Public Awareness unto their plight and to draw the attention of Governments of the world towards their concerns, for their continued existence with recognition of their distinct identity in every sense.