In November 1984 , mob led by senior congress leaders “Jagdish Tytler" , “Sajjan Kumar" , “Kamal Nath" , “Vasant Sathe", “Bhajan Lal" , “Dharam Das Shastri", “HKL Bhagat", and many police officers, committed murder, loot, arson and rape of Sikh women across India for over a week. Official figures of those who died is over 4000 and those rendered homeless is over 60,000 in Delhi alone.

“84' Sikh Genocide" widows have seen all - grief, apathy and hatred. The only thing that they haven’t seen is JUSTICE.

For the first time in the history of free India, places of worship became the target of mob attacks. Numerous Gurudwaras were burnt and desecrated all over India.

TRAUMATISED childhood, limited education, no job security, a dark yesterday and a darker tomorrow - this is the description of the lives led by the children of widows and orphans of those killed in the “84' Sikh Genocide". Ten Inquires for the “84' Sikh Genocide" are over. After every commission, a cover-up operation has been launched to protect the perpetrators of this organised genocide.

In “Nanavati Commission report", 84' Sikh Genocide has been clearly described as “Organized Carnage". Justice Nanavati states that the mob came in vehicles and in some cases even in DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) buses. That they came armed with weapons and inflammable materials like kerosene, petrol and white powder. That there was evidence to show that meetings were held to organise attacks and instructions were issued to kill Sikhs and loot their houses and shops. That the attacks were systematic and without fear of the police. That male members of the community were taken out of their houses, beaten and burnt alive in systematic manner. That tyres were put around their necks and were set on fire by pouring kerosene or petrol over them.

It's been twenty four years since the “84' Sikh Genocide". A lot has been written, but little has been done. The guilty remain unpunished and even enjoy positions of power in India.

Far from forgetting, the victims of “84' Sikh Genocide" relive the humiliation of what happened years ago every single day.

The needle of suspicion still swings like a lost pendulum…..
Justice Denied.